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Poets + Painters
You spilled sunsets
on canvas like a secret
and thought no one saw
(but i wrote a poem
about You.
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Math Education
My high school teachers preached
for homework like,
"If you eat that x calorie cake,
will x+y
:iconmorethankarisma:MoreThanKarisma 2 7
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The Silver Child
Father bore me of the bellows
Woke me by night to beat me
Stroke by stroke
Drew a fire
Beat me
Turned me over
Beat again
And father told me I was incomplete
He took me outside
The wind didn't whistle like I thought it would
The birds didn't sing
No rain weeping a rat-a-tat rally
No crickets pulling their bows
Father bathed me
Father drowned me
And father told me I was the silver child
Father hammered out the dents
Lonely twangs belted against an angry anvil
Father sheathed me in gold
Pretended I was pure
The first son not to shatter
The first son not to be sold
And father told me I was complete
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Pencil Skirt
I am a pencil skirt –
A pinstriped business card on bronze stilettos.
I decline
1. The choker at my neck
2. Ribbons to dress my mane
3. Colored glass for my ears
In favor of
1. A bonus at my desk
2. Plaques to dress my wall
3. A trinket for my shipyard
I sleep beside the bleached bones of my suitors.
The radiator rattle protects my four-digit wages
From girlish distractions -
From famished sighs wrestled out by tired fingers.
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It's Not You, It's Me
A date and time was scrawled in red and circled a hundred times.
January 5, 2013.
10:00 P.M.
Today was the day. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't eat. It's a miracle I could even wait. By the time I finally returned to reality, my watch taunted me:
9:58 P.M.
10:00. I held my breath and fingered a chip in the center of the face of my watch.
I felt someone behind me.
"You're late."
Although his watch, like mine, was lined with silver and sported cracks that spidered from a chip in the center, his displayed a different time.
"You were four years late," he announced. "That's how long it took you."
"So I did it. I invented time travel."
"You haven't done it yet."
"Well…we invented time travel."
He tossed me a smirk and began to look around. I was immediately embarrassed. My walls were covered in formulas and my curtains had been traded for equations. "Why couldn't you ever get organized?"
"Have I always been this pretentious?"
"Clever. I like how you say "I," even though
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Chapter 3: Laugh it Off
Cords of heat tensed around Kody's veins as he flexed and scraped the iron along the ground. Shards of glass jumped and skittered away. One by one, his fingers released and then rewrapped around the tire iron.
            His eyes were wrong, dull and distant, like he was looking at something far away. He narrowed his eyes.
           Kody snapped his eyes back to Justin. "Hey."
           Justin hesitated. "Yeah?"
           Kody flung the tire iron up, right beside Justin's right ear. He pointed past Justin like a judge declaring his verdict.
           "I think we'
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Chapter 2: The Matador
     Jennifer snatched up a red book bag and stuffed it with anything useful she could find. The water bottle Bo left in her room. A notebook and a pen. It took her a while to find the lock pick kit. She lifted the small black flap. She had long since broken the s-rake, but the torsion wrench was still there and worth a few more uses, along with the ball rake and the short hook.
            She opened her closet door. She wasn't neat enough to actually hang clothes up, so taking the metal pole down wasn't any problem. She hefted it uncertainly.
            With backpack shouldered, she grabbed her keys and locked the door behind her.
            "Oh wow. Hey Jessica." Jennifer chuckled nervously as Jessica stood unmoving a few feet away. She shuffled to face Jennifer. Her long dark ha
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Jennifer Stogner
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"O...unknown bards of long ago,
How came your lips to touch the sacred fire?
How, in your darkness, did you come to know
The power and beauty of the minstrel’s lyre?"
- James Weldon Johnson


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